Genealogy and Family tree design

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chat1can be a lot of things. To me it is not just finding a lot of ancestors, but also to document important events in their lives. Birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage and death. Where they lived and what their occupation was.

Using various genealogical tools it is possible for me to move backwards in time and generations. I set the limit to the point in time where there are no longer original sources available that can verify informations properly.

When no more ancestors are to be found and all data has been entered into my genealogy software, I offer, in addition to a family tree, a report that includes all informations gathered, both in text and as images showing the original source. Links will also be included, if the information is digitally available.

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Family gathering in 2023 ?

chatDescendant tree to get an overview of the entire family. Two different dseigns. Examples here.


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